Design for Well-being

Can we design our health, happiness and emotional satisfaction? Can we design a city of well-being for all and not just a few? The importance of designing for health and well-being is an increasing concern in the design arena. At Hong Kong Design Institute & IVE (Lee Wai Lee), we believe that designers can make things not only more beautiful, but more importantly can help improve people’s well-being. We believe that designers can improve human health, life satisfaction, happiness, subjective well-being and psychological experience through human-centred innovation. Under the theme of Design for Well-being, Emerging Design Talents 2020 addresses the current situation of society, illustrating how design and other disciplines could work together to tackle the many issues that we face on a daily basis and improve our overall well-being. Projects on this theme can be viewed using the hashtag


Emerging Design Talents 2020

Hong Kong Design Institute & IVE (Lee Wai Lee) presents our annual graduation show Emerging Design Talents 2020 with a variety of programmes starting from September 2020. Our website showcases and celebrates the achievements of our graduates across over 40 programmes from Architecture, Interior and Product Design, Communication Design, Design Foundation Studies, Digital Media, Fashion and Image Design, Information Technology, Interdisciplinary Studies and Jewellery Arts and Design. In addition, this website also features highlights from our Global Partnership, Industry Collaboration and Advanced Design Studio projects. If you are an employer looking for design talents, please visit the Graduate Directory. Our live programme features two catwalk shows by the Department of Fashion and Image Design. New Fashion Force and The Revolutionary Image of the New Generation will showcase our top graduates’ fashion collections and image styling ideas. The Department of Communication Design will host Communication Futures, online live discussions with notable alumni. Presented by the Department of Digital Media, Music in Motion 2020 and Unleash Your Musical Self will be live streaming of music performances and videos, while Beyond Imagination will showcase animation and short films. Satellite exhibitions across the city will also be held concurrently from September to December 2020, offering a well-rounded experience of how our Design graduates are shaping the future of Hong Kong and beyond.


We collaborate with the following UK universities to deliver our top-up degree programmes.

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